I have had this system for about 5 months and it has been great! I watched the Super Bowl game, in the comfort of my home and didn’t have to go out to see the game. I get to watch the Major League Baseball World Series, Basketball, Golf, Volleyball, Extreme Sports all in the comfort of my home. You can watch your favorite TV shows, the latest Box Office movies, ot TV shows and movies that go back to the 1940s, I Love Lucy, Rawhide, Bonanza and more.

Rozz A., Phuket, Thailand

I bought a box from Cloudcasttv.com and it is so easy to use so many channels and Cloudcasttv.com can custom program in almost anything you want! Highly recommended. I have the Amazon Fire-stick and I no longer use it! Thanks, guys, TV is now enjoyable!

Wayne B. USA

This is a great product. I can watch movies that have not even been on general release yet and have just watched Game Of Thrones non-stop whilst we have non-stop rain in Phuket! (The support given is outstanding

Sharon B, U.K